Avatara ICO - Avatara is a new global service

Avatara ICO - Avatara is a new global service

The Avatara is a level of Google, YouTube, Uber and other services. This is a new service.

Why will it be global? Because it will give an opportunity to earn to millions of people. The Avatar creates new jobs.

How does it work? Let’s consider an example.

Currently, I am in Australia. But I need to get at an exhibition in Europe, in Belarus, in Minsk. How can I do that? I can do it online right now. I enter the Avatara portal. Who is the Avatara? This is a person who is ready to render service to you. In order to do that, he needs to have the simplest gadget. For instance, a phone or video glasses connected to Skype or another system.

The simplest variant of the Avatar equipment is a smartphone. The smartphone has a video camera, it has Skype and Internet. And the Avatara may broadcast to the customer whatever they wish.

Next variant – it can be glasses with a video camera connected to a smartphone. That is, Skype in the smartphone is on, and the smartphone’s video camera is connected to the glasses.

The third variant is when you use glasses and a tablet PC. You can come up to the Avatara, see a person in Skype on your tablet, hear them and communicate with them.

The Avatara is ready to render you a service – to visit an exhibition and broadcast online from this exhibition. The Avatara is your eyes and ears at the exhibition.

 So, what do we do? We enter the Avatara portal, find Belarus, Minsk. We see that several hundreds of Avataras in Minsk are registered at our portal. They offer their services. We look at their gadgets, look at their prices. We select an Avatara who is ready to visit the exhibition you need. If you need to talk with an engineer or the exhibition manager, you can also do that.

If you have language problems, you will find an interpreter at our portal. The interpreter will also provide you a service. Money for the services are transferred to the portal’s account. This is required in order to make a transaction safe. A confirmation of the good quality of work is issued only if the work has been done.

Three persons are in Skype simultaneously: the Customer, the Avatara, and the Interpreter, if required.

 So, I have visited the exhibition right now. I have saved time. It means at least three days. And I have saved good money. It means at least 2000 euros. I have remained satisfied with the work done.

 Today the world became technologically mature for this project. But the most important thing is still missing. There is no portal where you can come and find an Avataras for you in any country of the world and to get to any point on the globe. This is the global Avatara project.

The idea of Avatara appeared in 2011 and was published in the media. But the mobile Internet was very bad at that time and the start of the project was postponed. Today, the mobile Internet gives high-quality video and we open the Avatara project to the whole world. Avatara in 2011 media >>>

These can be all kinds of applications, all kinds of help and services. All this you will find at our site https://avatara.world

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