Ambitious Blockchain project aspires to help enable the liberation of humans from the financial slavery system and create a paradise on Earth.

Ambitious Blockchain project aspires to help enable the liberation of humans from the financial slavery system and create a paradise on Earth.

The ZenVow movement aspires to help enable the liberation of humans from the financial slavery system. The goal of the system is to offer users an alternative source of income to their normal source of income, by motivating physical and mental exercise. In its core it intends to help eradicate poverty and hunger, and reduce inequality.

Most human labor on the planet is driven and motivated by a financial reward system, this inherited financial system functions as a form of financial slavery.

The financial oppression created by the system coerces humans in doing what they need to do, in order to generate financial income for their survival.

The results of this human activity is leading to a global crisis. Most disturbingly, the awareness of this global crisis is now common knowledge, but no immediate solutions are available to solve the problem.

How can humanity break free from the chains of financial slavery and work its way toward financial freedom in this competitive driven society? How can humanity awaken to the reality of global unity and oneness?


The zenvow project is based on a revolutionary reward system for Breathing, Meditation and Yoga practice using Decentralized Blockchain Technology. The ZenVow project is the first of its kind in the FinTech Preventive Healthcare Sector. This new system, rewards long term breathing, meditation and Yoga practice, all activities with scientifically proven health benefits.


The technology behind the ZenVow project is based on BlockChain technology, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence and most importantly Ethical Buddhist Economics.

The zenvow introduces a new concept to Blockchain ecosystem, the Proof of Practice (in this case breathing yoga and meditation) with dedicated cryptographic hardware.

The solution is composed by 2 products, an App, a zenvow coin reward and meditation resorts all over the world.

The ZenVow Sensor has two main characteristics, it is composed by a Respiratory Effort Sensor and a body posture sensor. The sensors are capable of detecting expansion and contraction of the chest/stomach and also detects the user’s posture using an inertial measurement unit. The user can attach the strap in two different locations, on the chest or on the stomach. The sensor can connect to any smartphone device via wireless Bluetooth link.



The ZenVow Meditation Pad is a smart interactive meditation pad, equipped with very bright LEDs for interactive Chromo therapy sessions [4]. The pad is also equipped with a proximity sensor that detects if the user is sitting on the pad on not.

The ZenVow Mobile App is a free cross platform application, running on Android and IOS. It is designed for users to connect to the ZenVow Sensor and the ZenVow meditation pad. The app has built in breathing, meditation and yoga sessions organized in classes. Each class starts off with an interactive breathing exercise followed by a guided meditation or yoga sessions. Built into the app is a digital wallet that lets users receive and spend their ZenVow Coins rewards.


After users finish breathing, meditation and Yoga sessions, the system will validate the session using several metrics, personal user account, phone number, biometric respiratory effort data from the ZenVow sensor, position data from the Inertial measurement unit and the proximity sensor from the ZenVow meditation pad. If the user’s sessions are validated the system will reward them with ZenVow Coins.

ZenVow Coins will be given out in daily batches, the amount that each user receives is  determined by the number of total users with a valid session divided by a fixed number of daily Coins that the systems grants per day according to the overall Coin distribution.

The goal is to monitor and validate guided breathing, yoga and meditation exercises through a patented pending framework. After the validation of the sessions the system automatically rewards users with virtual currency called ZenVow rewards.


The zenvow aspires to redesign the world economy in attempt to reduce the financial oppression created by the system by rewarding healthy scientifically proven activities.

The end goal is to reward practitioners of yoga and meditation with crypto currency valued more than the minimum wage. The project aspires to un-employ the unhappy employees.
Big cities, have the densest population areas in the world, and they are populated mostly because of the financial reward system. This environment is noisy, pollution prone, loaded with cheap unhealthy fast food, and overall negative environment for human health.

We need to create a cleaner and healthier atmosphere in order to settle the ZenVow users and most importantly a sustainable one.

For phase two to be successfully deployed it will be necessary to launch several coins and ICO’s in order to allow the physical construction of the resorts all over the world.

The new coins will be used to reward users for all activities that can be monitored, such as gardening, farming, cooking, cleaning and other activities. These activities will also be rewarded using the existing ZenVow software stack, described in more detail in chapter 6.

The objective of the ZenVow Meditation resorts is to allow for the creation of a new sustainable alternative to the unsustainable economy we have today. The new reward system is based on the principal of rewarding scientifically proven healthy human activities in order to maximize the quality of human life, without paying the heavy price of the undesired externalities such as pollution, fauna and flora extinction, public health costs, among many others.

The ZenVow Meditation resorts will be managed using permaculture techniques. Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living as well as a practical method for developing ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

ZenVow users receiving rewards inside the resort will receive a special bonus, to be payed to the resort in order to be used for extra expenses such as, maintenance costs, agricultural costs and energy costs and so on.


In a second phase the project intends to build meditation resorts, where guests will have access to theoretical and practical classes of yoga and meditation, clean shelter and organic food, in exchange for zenvow rewards generated by their own exercises.
The project has now been recently presented to more than 450 Venture Capitals and 10 startup contests all over the world and will also target humanitarian organizations for funding.

The project founder has also asked Satoshi Nakamoto to donate some of his bitcoin to the project.



The zenvow team has an ambitious project and needs your help to implement it, and make #blockchaingreatagain


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