BehaviourExchange – On a mission to save the world (from irrelevant online junk)

BehaviourExchange – On a mission to save the world (from irrelevant online junk)

The Internet has become pretty annoying lately as we are constantly bombarded with ads, content and offerings that aren’t even meant for us. No wonder we’re becoming ad-blind! There’s simply way too much advertising all around us.

Look at any online marketing campaign and you’ll see that the ratio between views and clicks is usually less than 1%, often only around 0.1%. This means that only 1 person out of a thousand clicked on the ad – and the other 999 were pestered for nothing!

All because advertisers and businesses don’t know who the people visiting their websites are in real time to address them accordingly; instead, all they do is shoot in the dark and spend a lot of money on poorly targeted campaigns which means plenty of irrelevant junk.

If businesses were able to recognize a visitor the exact moment he/she enters their website, they could customize the content that suits the visitors’ age, gender, education, interests and other characteristics.


Well, this is exactly what BehaviourExchange does. The platform identifies each online visitor by their demographic characteristics, personality traits and interests. Its AI-based software analyzes Big Data to create user profiles and then in real time adjusts the content of a website, according to the visitor’s interests, wishes and needs. User data is securely stored in a blockchain network and transactions are carried out using a dedicated utility token, called BEX.

Visit the official BehaviourExchange website to find out more about the ICO.

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