Today’s existing financial infrastructures are undoubtedly, inefficient, expensive and tied to dated legacy systems. We’ve seen vast inconsistencies with institutional processes with each organization using a distinctive approach to handling money.

Believing blockchain will change the way we trust, bank and trade for the better, a Singapore-based fintech company is taking a hard look at not only solving the inefficiencies’ of our current financial systems, but creating a trusted infrastructure for the token economy.

With the rise of the token economy, recent reports estimate that billions of dollars (est. $30B in Bitcoin alone) have been lost due to forgotten or misplaced coins & tokens stored on old hardware or cold storage. Furthermore, today’s market does not currently provide a truly independent and secure storage solution for digital assets.


Enter the Abele Group, an international fintech company preparing to launch the world’s first fully-digital custodian for all investors that exclusively stores and holds in-trust digital coins/ tokens in an institutionally secure manner. The Abele Group plans to leverage blockchain technology with underlying artificial intelligence to design and launch four phases of the organization including:

Abele Trust (PHASE 1), one of the world’s first fully-digital custodians which exclusively stores and safeguard investor assets, digital coins and tokens in an institutionally secure manner.

Abele Chain (PHASE 2), a fourth-generation hybrid blockchain that is an open source public protocol blockchain and a private permissioned ledger licensed for commercial use.

AbeleTS (PHASE 3), a blockchain and artificial Intelligence-powered trade management software. The platform is designed to reduce operational expenses for funds and investors by allowing asset managers to execute and reconcile financial transactions efficiently and securely, therefore resulting in lower expenses for all investors.

Abele Asset Management (PHASE 4), provides all investors access to actively managed funds with investments in cryptocurrencies and traditional assets.

“As the token economy emerges and transforms every industry, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence will radically alter the financial industry,” says Phil Woods, CEO of Abele Group. “The application of these two technologies produces greater data security, reduces overreliance on ‘middlemen,’ increases transparency around the movement of funds, and most importantly places trust in an organized process rather than in people or institutions. It’s time for the financial industry to radically transform by adopting today’s cutting-edge technology.”

Details of the group’s launch are available


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