A Series on Blockchain Technology

A Series on Blockchain Technology

When blockchain first made its appearance, it was riding the Bitcoin wave and people understood little about the potential of this stellar technology. Ten years down the line, a lot of things have changed.

Arguably, even the very notion of decentralisation which lies at the heart of the blockchain, has undergone modifications in its context and application.

Today, the use cases of DLT seem to be mushrooming across the contours of the tech industry. With the changing backdrop in mind, we ask:

What really constitutes the essence of blockchain?

Different experts have different views. I personally feel that it’s necessary to subscribe to a clear vision of what blockchain really is and where it should be headed, in order to make sure the industry can soar to the heights it was destined for.

With that idea in mind, I felt it would be interesting to collate a narrative around the views of those influencers and innovators who represent our own understanding of blockchain’s quintessence.

On that note, we thought the best way forward to bring the right narrative ahead would be by publishing a community report, working as a consortium of investors, innovators and influencers in the field, to document the impact of blockchain on different sectors. The idea is to publish these reports, as sections, and start with the most influential Media & Entertainment Industry as a flag-bearer for the series.

In the Report, titled “Decade of Decentralisation: Impact on Media Sector”, we will take a keen look at how the coming of this technology has transformed the use and understanding of our media industry. Future reports in this series will further explore the impact of blockchain across other industries as well.

Considering that 2019 marks the tenth year of blockchain’s inception, we felt it would be fitting to bring out the best of this emerging technology this year, to commemorate what has been and evaluate how it has influenced our use of various resources.

The drafting and ideation of the report is spearheaded by Nair Global, a qualitative, quantitative and hybrid market research firm

As a firm, we concern ourselves with a host of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Distributed Ledger Technologies, Internet of Things, 5G Technology, Robotics and Quantum Computing. These, along with our other core competencies, will be touched upon in our future research projects.

As individuals, committed to the development of the tech space, we are trying to essentially foster an ecosystem of growth and leadership. With this report, where we are accepting contributions from over 45 tech influencers and experts, the primary goal is to expand our base and try to stimulate conversations within and beyond the tech community.

As mentioned earlier, the first report will serve as a compendious volume on how the media sector has been bitten by the blockchain bug. This, in turn, will help fashion an incisive insight into the impact of blockchain. Also, the community-driven report will enable our experts and in-house research executives to delve deep into the impact of blockchain by exploring various parameters and trends which influence its growth, while collating data and analyzing the results of blockchain’s unprecedented growth over the last 10 years.

The extensive format of the report allows for the literature to explore all the major facts and events that characterized and marked sector-wise revolutions in the wake of blockchain’s introduction. The first installment of such a report will delve deep into the repercussions faced by the media sector and is expected to serve as a concise guide on the same.

With funding support for the project being provided by Nair Ventures, the report will also see contributions from several industry 4.0 experts and leaders. This will help bring in diverse perspectives into the report and also broaden our horizons.

DLT is a wondrous technology, to say the least, and this serves only as a humble attempt to scrutinize the effects of it on our future.

The year 2019 marks an important moment in the decade-long history of Bitcoin and blockchain, the wondrous technology it brought in its train. Considering how momentous its tenth anniversary is, it seems fitting that we should choose this time to introduce itself and its carefully crafted report to the tech community. Enabling and empowering a well-informed community through research has been its goal since its inception and this unveiling will serve as the first instance of the same.

Source: Hacker Noon

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