Using asset tokenization to open up UK property investment to the world

Using asset tokenization to open up UK property investment to the world

BRIKCOIN is a UK based private real estate development company that is tokenizing their affordable housing developments and allowing anyone from around the world to invest in their properties through their website

The company was founded by two UK property industry veterans and supported by blockchain and marketing experts. The company has an innovative financing model where they build affordable housing properties in partnership with local housing councils in the UK and with financing from Tier I property financiers. So, the housing is delivered to the council with no upfront costs on a 50-year lease that BRIKCOIN then sells to financial institutions.

This lease is extremely attractive to institutions like pension funds because it is backed by the local council and therefore the UK central government. The profits from the sale of this lease is then put back into the company and drives the growth of the token.

Using blockchain tokens means the company can offer property investors liquidity that traditional shares could not offer before. Investors can now trade their tokens in the company to traders from all around the world on global cryptocurrency exchanges that are open all around the clock.

Blockchain tokens are also cheap to transact with meaning that BRIKCOIN has put their investment minimum at £50.

Additionally, it allows investment into UK property to people from all around the world. Their token sale is geared towards investors who are not too familiar with crypto and therefore they have created an online account dashboard that is easy to use and accepts investments through credit cards and wire transfers.

Their first property purchase has already been forward funded through a loan from a Tier I property financing company meaning they can keep their crowdsale raise low at only £5 million for 50% of the tokens which will be used for marketing, listing and blockchain ecosystem development. They plan to list on exchanges with a very low market cap to give investors a large upside.

The company also plans to use the user-base from the tenants in their properties to bring transactional value to the token. Merchants inside the developments will use BRIKCOIN as a currency and they can leverage their tenants and users to strike deals with businesses to use BRIKCOIN as a payment method.

BRIKCOIN has already struck a deal with LAToken, a top 30 exchange to list their token after the crowdsale and will announce more exchange listings soon.

Having garnered great interest in the UK due to their social impact, they are now focusing on reaching out to investors from the rest of the world, offering them a chance to invest today!

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